What does the user’s privacy mean to us?

We take the user’s privacy with utmost care. It is a kind of responsibility to discuss the information that we collect from you. The information shared by you helps us to determine the authenticity of the person who is visiting this blog (website or web portal).

What kinds of information do we collect?

We collect some of the basic information from you when you fill the form, make comment on the blog posts, subscribe to our newsletter or become the registered user of this website (currently, it is solely managed by Avinash Mishra). You may ask to provide Name, Email Id, or URL of your site (if any). In addition to this basic information, we get the IP address of your ISP when you leave a comment (this is inbuilt service of the WordPress). You may, however, choose to visit our website anonymously.

What is the purpose to collect user’s information?

We use the information provided (by you) for the following purpose:

  • The information provided by you helps us to respond to you with your personalized needs
  • We are striving continuously  to improve our website based on the information and feedback collected from you
  • Your information helps us to respond to customer service requests and tickets
  • We send periodic emails to our subscribers

How do we address information protection?

Your information is protected by us. We use a secure mechanism to protect your information; also, we don’t sell your information to any 3rd party for the commercial purpose.

What are cookies?

Cookies are the files which get stored in your system’s hard drive. These files have a definite lifetime and they get stored through your browser. Cookies help to serve you content based on your previous visit. It is sometimes used for remarketing and retargeting.

Do we use cookies?

We use cookies to understand your preferences, choices and the data you usually visit. Your overall experiences help us to determine the aggregate traffic to this site based on the data delivered by hit map cookies.  We may sign the contract with third-party service providers, they may send third-party cookies to support and improve our future business.

DoubleClick Dart Cookies

We participate in the Google AdSense program, therefore, Google serves ads to the visitors based on the sites they usually visit and their past visits to the current site. It only happens with the help of Dart cookies. You may disable these dart cookies by visiting double click dart cookies privacy site.

Third party links and Product promotion

With our discretion, we may promote third party links or offer any products to our visitors. These links or visitors have their own privacy; therefore, we are not liable for any kind of activities done by these third parties. Nonetheless, we keep rights to maintain the integrity of our website


Our privacy policy is applicable to the information collected online only; hence, not applicable to any information collected offline.


Please visit our Disclaimer page for further information about the same at http://www.theavinashmishra.com

Changes to our policy

We review our policy as time passes and we modify changes based on the current regulations and law. If we wish to make any changes then we post them to this page only.

Contacting us

We have a separate section which helps you connect with us. Please visit our contact page for any queries, feedback, information or donation.

Last Modified: 22/07/2018